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The best Downfall mash was this one. Why? Because it perfectly captured the massive Labour wobble about Brown in 2008, when they could have got rid of him. It also reminds us why the Guardian has switched sides today, and regrets reversing the position it took at the time: that Brown should have gone.

Mind you, it’s bloody funny too. Be warned, however, that there are tons of swear words, and I usually try to stay away from that kind of language. I bloody do.


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Just watched the interview that I had hoped would be the clincher that finally ended the Brown nightmare once and for all.

Initially, I was encouraged by Paxman’s enthusiasm in pursuing Brown on his lies about, well, just about everything, and his terrible record everywhere. Then, after Brown did his usual trick of attacking the interviewer for not asking him the right questions, I really thought Paxman would lose it and go for the jugular. You know, a Howard moment, which he could have done with a question like “You say you take responsibility for the things you think you are responsible for. Name them.” Something like that, or better (he was in a massively target rich environment about ten minutes in). But he didn’t – and I was pretty unimpressed.

Then, once the whole, sorry spectacle of wriggling, delusion, desperate, hate-filled divisiveness and contemptuous revisionism was over, I realised what Paxman had really done. In fact he hadn’t suddenly decided half way through, for some perverse personal, politically motivated reason, to go easy on Brown. He’d done precisely what everyone else has done when it comes to this useless, troubled man, including the editors of the Guardian (laughably).

He’d just given up.

And that was more damning than a hundred Howard moments, and it sealed Brown’s fate in just the way I had hoped – finally and permanently – but not quite in the way I’d imagined.

So – and I never thought I’d be saying this – well done Paxman. You’ve finally done your compatriots a genuine service.

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Nasty piece of work

I’m not a huge fan of the Mail, and certainly not its columnists, generally speaking. But in amongst all the pointless posturing and frequent pandering to their own puerile interpretation of middle England values, you do occasionally get a bit of a gem…

Watching Brown’s lunatic performance on Wednesday was painful, and, frankly, baffling. What kind of a man is this unasked for Prime Minister, wondered millions of people? Well, I reckon Richard Littlejohn might have found the answer. The bloke’s a borderline sociopath, according to this old bruiser of a feature writer, at least in terms of his public life. Littlejohn says:

Here are some commonly accepted traits of sociopathic behaviour. Stop me when you’ve heard enough.
Glibness and superficial charm; manipulative and cunning.


Grandiose sense of self and entitlement.


Pathological lying; absence of remorse, shame or guilt; callousness and lack of empathy.


Refusal to accept blame; tendency to blame others even for acts they obviously committed.


Authoritarian; secretive; paranoid; narcissism; grandiosity; an over-inflated belief in their own powers and abilities.


Prone to rage and abuse; outraged by insignificant matters.


Instead of friends, they have only victims and accomplices who tend to end up as victims.


The end always justifies the means; nothing must stand in their way.

Check, check.

Our survey said… Anyone we know?

Tell me which of the above does not apply to Gordon Brown. Well, I can’t. Can you?

Personally, I think ‘sociopath’ is far too grand a term for Brown. I think he’s just a narcissistic martinet with deep seated insecurities. But, hey, what do I know? Make up your own mind.

The only thing that still amazes me is that people are still planning on voting for this loser. They must be as delusional as he plainly is. It’s alarming that they’re loose in the country!

Ah well, only six more days to go, give or take a few hours. And then we’ll be rid of, wait for it, the worst prime minister and government ever to have been inflicted on this country.

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As Crash Gordon becomes Car Crash Gordon (how weird was that? Watch it here), a new game’s been released to celebrate Wednesday’s Brown-inspired campaign disaster, when he manfully took on a sweet old lady and was battered.

Be the gaffe prone jinxed PM, who can cause a car accident from 100 yards just by opening his gob, and pit your wits against Duffy, the Vampire Slayer (cheers for that, John Ward). Can you do better than Brown? Can you go more than one round before you, too, are devoured! See if Cameron or Clegg would do any better (they could hardly do any worse 😉

Play Downing Street Fighter (now with Gillian Duffy bonus round) here.

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