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It has consequences, this incomprehensible, outmoded, spiteful anti-British venom of Obama’s.

For instance, for it to be sustained, this poor President must deny the reality of the true impact of his cheaply political, unthinking, bargain-basement, anachronistic Brit-bashing. That ‘true reality’ is framed rather neatly by Iain Martin this evening:

If President Obama can break off from crafting his next anti-British Petroleum soundbite, it might be worth him checking out the ownership structure of BP and pausing for a moment. It appears that 39% of the shares in the company are American owned (25% by U.S. pension funds and 14% by individual American investors). According to BP’s figures, 40% of the stock is owned in the U.K.

So, the company not paying, limiting or delaying payment of its dividend (as Mr. Obama has demanded as retribution for BP causing him so many problems — no, I mean desecrating the Gulf of Mexico) would impact directly on rather a lot of American investors, and those with pensions.

Who is going to tell the president? Perhaps it could be British Prime Minister David Cameron, when the pair talk on Saturday in an attempt to limit the diplomatic damage from the crisis.

No wonder serious US stockmarket commentators are getting a little nervous about Obama’s loud mouth. BP is a massive multinational, with investment interests in the US that at least parallel those of the UK – and we’re talking hundreds of billions here, all told – not just market value. If BP Plc goes down, which is what the idiot Obama and his fellow administration coat tail morons seem to want, then BP Inc will have already died – and that one, giant company’s politically induced failure could take the entire, fragile world economy down with it.

Taking out a company as big as BP just because you want to look tough could trigger another depression – globally. People should understand that that’s the desperate game Obama has chosen to play, but just doesn’t understand.

This terrible political decision tree should be seen for what it is, and then he (Obama) should be seen for what he really is, and then, once the dawn of clarity has finally set in, anything he says or does from here on in should be stoically resisted, on both sides of the Atlantic.

The fact that Cameron hasn’t even made a decent position statement on this travesty yet tells me one thing, however. Ordinary Americans and Brits still have at least one thing in common: our respective political leaders are basically first order and ineffective world class shits!

Now that’s the real “Special Relationship” that I’ve had the privilege of enjoying for many decades (thanks to my roots).

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I stand by my opinion that Tony Hayward has done enough diplomatic and other damage with his foot-in-mouth mismanagement of the Gulf disaster to warrant his dignified exit, an analysis with which a former head of Shell Oil Inc. on Radio 4 this morning appeared to agree with, at least in part.

However, it would be fair to add that while Hayward has undoubtedly been poor in the face of a near-hysterical US media maelstrom whipping up public outrage, the behaviour of Obama has simply been beneath contempt. The man is unfit for the office of the Presidency. It was no accident, for instance, that when I watched the opening of that live press conference on the latest US posturing over Iran (again, suspiciously timed), I honestly and completely believed Obama was talking about BP again!

But then I realised, he was being far too diplomatic. Never once would he have said “I want to kick Iran’s ass”. But to him, apparently, it’s fine to do that with a major multinational company. Think it’s not comparable? Well, you’d be right. Telling that lunatic Ahmadinajacket that he was about to be given the proverbial, presidential ass whoopin’ of his life would have had zero impact on the zombie relations between the two nations and certainly would have had no discernible economic effect.

Compare and contrast Obama’s pathetic posturing and filthy, insulting language – and threats to abuse his own nation’s system of law to make it pay and pay big – with BP. Remember, without there actually having been a trial to find out just who really is ultimately responsible for the disaster – my money is on the US government – this kind of thing from Obama is calculated to be prejudicial not against BP Inc, but against the mother company. It’s deliberate! It’s also working. Forty percent plus of the value of that company’s shares has been destroyed so far.

That’s about £60billion to you and me. And the point is, it could well be you and me that end up on the receiving end of the Obama asskicking because our pension funds are taking a hammering as a consequence of this big mouthed/small minded man. Our oh-so wonderful ally, led by such a person as this, seems perfectly happy to sit back and watch Britain humiliated once more. It’s sickening. Whether Ben Brogan thinks so or not, that “special relationship” the Westminster villagers love to drone on about? Hey, Ben. It’s over.

BP didn’t kill it, Obama did.

BP (BP “Inc”, lest we forget) has done all it can to clear up this mess, so I agree with those who say lay off them (that doesn’t mean lay off the accident prone Hayward, however). The real villain of this piece as it turns out? Ladies and gentleman, I give you the most unpresidential president since, er, the last one – Barack Hussain Obama.


But for Britain, sadly, this really is no laughing matter.

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Dizzy has found a remarkable website charting the spread of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill. It’s a hefty leak, and what you can do with this tool is superimpose its vast expanse on wherever you like in the world to see just how huge it is. I suppose there is some valid environmental message in such an exercise somewhere. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, beyond ‘Cor, that really brings it home to you’, or maybe, ‘Cor, isn’t the ocean big!’.
There is another use, however, of this program, as Dizzy demonstrates. You can bury your least favourite bits of your own country under thirty million barrels of oil slick. Neat. Dizzy chose Scotland. I sort of approved at first, but in the end it wasn’t target-rich enough for me, so I opted for an alternative ground zero of Huddersfield so that I could take out the entire expanse of the two giant northern English conurbations and Labour heartlands.
Unfortunately, I had to take out York, Harrogate, the Peaks and the Dales in order to get Tyneside. Oh, and half the Irish Sea, all of North Wales – and Shrewsbury. Well, sacrifices had to be made to get them all under the one spill – without threatening the Home Counties. Besides, who’s really going to miss Mold? And I did save the Lake District…sort of. You just can’t get to it any more.

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Guido has highlighted a new, public-sourced, ‘anti-politics’ (whatever that actually means – politics is politics isn’t it?) anti-some other stuff attack page designed to reveal just how major and sustained a disaster the Brown years have been for Britain.

LabourVision.TV launches tomorrow – a crowd sourced effort to produce an online anti-party, anti-political election broadcast. Details revealed tomorrow of how your video can be part of Gordon – the Disaster Movie premiering on May Day. The bar is high. Come back tomorrow…

The page can be found at the link in the quote and will be well worth a visit, not least because we have the tantalising prospect of the May Day movie, coming soon to a blog near you.

If this outstanding first effort is anything to go on, the results of this project could be pretty damaging for an already severely wounded Brown-Labour campaign.

I think this is what you call ‘sharpening the message’ and hats off to Guido for doing it. Tory campaign HQ should take note.

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Aside from savaging this country’s entire political class – a few would say with some justification – in his column today, Christopher Booker also provided a pretty clear summary of the carnage caused by 13 long years of Labour misrule:

It is almost impossible to measure the damage done by 13 years of rule by Blair and Brown. They have left the country effectively bankrupt, its manufacturing industry halved, the City tottering and under threat. They have allowed the United Kingdom to splinter, debauched the House of Lords and brought politics into contempt. They have done irreparable damage to our Armed Forces (not least through the humilating fiasco which led to our being thrown out of Iraq). Our country’s standing on the world stage has never been lower.

What’s hard to believe is that this is by no means a comprehensive summary. Booker decides not to mention the immigration scandal, the politicisation of the civil service, the filthy and dangerous hospitals (that now cost us twice as much as they used to, at a cool £100Bn a year), a state sector that has grown to the point where it swallows-up 52% of the nation’s wealth, the lies and the smears and the spin – and so on and so on and on and on. It’s no wonder that right-minded people find it impossible to believe that, so the polls say, probably misleadingly, Labour still enjoys support from 30%-odd of the electorate.

But it is worth repeating Booker’s summary nonetheless. People should bear it mind when they look to cast their votes in May.

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It looks like becoming what The Scotsman is now calling Gordon Brown’s “Spring of Discontent”, and the strikes and the latest sleaze scandals look to have produced the classic reaction from Macavity. “I wasn’t there” Brown has vanished again. Where is he? Safely tucked up in the bunker, I would think, furiously scribbling apparently disconnected notes in his thick, black, felt-tip pen, but which have, in fact, one, recurring theme: how can he screw up the country even more. We know this how? Because it’s happened before, several times.

We’ve always known that he really is bloody hopeless, and clearly a bit of a depressive as well – that’s what all the hiding is about – but what’s becoming crystal clear also is how powerless he’s become. His is an empty shell of a premiership, hollowed out by coup attempts from the sensible-ish right of his party and now held to ransom by the militant tendency of the loony left.

So what’s he done? Disappeared, just like he always does when the pressure really is on.

Well, you can’t hide forever, Gordon. You’ll have to face us sooner or later. It’s the law.

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Nick “I know which side my bread is buttered” Robinson, BBC-Labour’s tame political pundit, after the start of the UK’s so-called economic recovery (0.1% to be adjusted is not exactly Darling’s “trampoline” recovery now is it, especially after squillions in printed inflation-fuel has been chucked at it?), has just concluded on his hyper-moderated blog:

…some voters may note that we are still not securely out of the longest and deepest recession since the war and may conclude that the current custodians of the economy can no longer be trusted to finish the job.

You think?

The fact that Brown and his cohort of economic nincompoops and ne’re-do-wells, whose now-legendary incompetence is only just about trumped by their compulsive mendacity, have managed to bankrupt the country in search of some sort of theoretical, artificially stimulated recovery that, as these figures show with devastating clarity, has utterly failed to materialise will not have gone unnoticed by the general public.

So, toenails, my old china, for “may conclude,” read “decided a long time ago,” and for “the current custodians of the economy,” read “the Brownite, Labourist liars and wreckers,” and for “can no longer be trusted to finish the job,” read “are going to be lucky to get away with not being hanged en masse from the nearest tree, never mind an election defeat, for the cataclysmic economic harm they’ve managed to do to Britain, not to mention the desperate harm they’ve managed to do throughout British society, during their overlong period in office.”

This is no time for understatement, you see!

But it is time for a Tory government. And if you read between Robinson’s BBC-approved lines, even he knows that most sane people have known that for quite some time.

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