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The best Downfall mash was this one. Why? Because it perfectly captured the massive Labour wobble about Brown in 2008, when they could have got rid of him. It also reminds us why the Guardian has switched sides today, and regrets reversing the position it took at the time: that Brown should have gone.

Mind you, it’s bloody funny too. Be warned, however, that there are tons of swear words, and I usually try to stay away from that kind of language. I bloody do.


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This just in…

A- from me.

PS: Here’s another Brownfall from the same channel, uploaded on January 4th, before the plot. Very prescient – and funnier. This one’s an A*

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Massive hattip to Uncle Bob! I hadn’t seen this one – and it’s brilliant. Just transpose the context in your imagination to the UK general election that we all want immediately, and you’ll see what I mean.

The comparisons become more eerie – and more telling – by the day…

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