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I’m oddly happy with the state of the news just now what with Mandelson coming out and scuppering the irrelevance that is the Labour leadership fiasco and that tragic Moat bloke finally doing our idiot police a favour and putting himself out of their heavily-armed misery, and the awesome Booker planting another hobnailed boot in the sweaty groin of climate change fanaticism.

The great Gove’s rearguard after his crew’s cockups and his brave resurrection of political accountability seems to be working reasonably well too. Excellent.

In other words, there’s nothing much around that’s annoying enough to talk about, so I think this a downtime moment – a time for some nice music, perhaps.

How about this: “Dream Away” by my hero, George Harrison?

I suppose we’re all “Time Bandits” really, one way or another. We all dream of reliving our past so we can correct it in whatever way from a position of knowledgable strength. That’s the ammunition known as hindsight. Sadly, of course, it’s an impotent trick of memory.

Be content you own the human gift that is regret. It keeps us little people honest – and (oddly) free 🙂

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I do like the idea (it smells like a free ride), of joining the vast ranks of the British incapable, but, sadly and unfortunately, at least to me, I know that standing on your own two feet is far, far better than getting by with a little help from your Labour-loving friends, be those friends genuinely childhood acquaintances or not.

More likely, in those circumstances, your only mate is the State. In which case you’ve allowed yourself to become almost literally nothing but a slave (the State really does not care about you where genuine friends might). Never mind.

Relying on the “little help” smacks of taking things for granted and an absence of some awareness of Duty. And that, according to my pretty ordinary, educated lower middle class upbringing, would never do.

Never mind, here’s the tuneless Ringo classic in question:

Make your own bloody mind up. I’m honestly past caring.

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Bucket List

I’d love to try walking route one down some busy city street like this just to see what would happen. Without the film crew, the cameras, the choreography and the overdub, I just have that sneaking suspicion it would all quickly end in (my) tears.

But it’s still on my Bucket List, just after taking part in the Paris-Dakar rally, sailing round the world on my own in a hovercraft and learning how to pilot a helicopter.

Half-decent song, that. Owed a lot to the Stones, I hear.

Be that as it may, I wonder, what’s on your Bucket List? Not sure I’ll tick off any of mine in time, but from now on, I’m definitely going to try!

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Strange Days

We must avoid conflict in the name of stability (rather than unity). Right?


PS: I guess if we’re doing a bit of 90s East London mellow vibe peace rap, we might as well have this one too:

I agree, but the new routine is starting to look just as bad as the old one. Go figure.

And have a nice weekend.

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Many things have been said. Many things have yet to be said, but will be said.

But only Guido captures the summary with a beautiful number from another fallen King:

Farewell, Gordon. Peace be with you.

The end.

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This must be the tenth time I’ve posted this vid over the past year or so. Go figure.

This (Labour government) has been around a very long time, and their time is very nearly through.

But ours isn’t. Our time is just starting.

You might not want a new Conservative government, but you, we and everyone else in Britain desperately needs one.

I feel it my duty to try to pass that on.

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Please, please promise these people you will get out and vote. Then, perhaps, they’ll never make a video like this one again! You can thank Iain Dale for it.

Honestly though? I think it’s awful, silly and excruciatingly camp, but has a very sound message about supporting your democracy – and looked like a lot of fun to make, too.
Wonderfully British.

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The Next Debate

I think the debates format should be more informal, maybe with a musical flavour. It’s been done before.

Not only would this give the country a sense that our idiot politicians ultimately had only our best interests at heart (instead of theirs, shock horror), and would cooperate out of a sense of duty and in that spirit of grownup-ness, it’d be a shitload more interesting than the first one. Massively.

Maybe Cameron and his band could get the ball rolling with a sharp and uplifting nostaliga set. Eighties stuff, perhaps.

Clegg could follow up with some sort of vicious, meaningless goth/death metal fusion crap. (I hear he’s obsessed with that sort of thing.)

Brown will just be the roady. If he’s lucky. Well, hey, at least he’d have a chance to be involved. That’s fair.

He’ll need the work.

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The best thing about Madness in their pomp? It’s not that they were anti-intellectual liberators from Stuffyville (which is precisely what they were in 1979+). They were bloody good songwriters – and bloody good musicians, too.

And in addition to those talents, they were bloody bright, as well. So sod your high culture and yer ‘poertry’, (I’ve had my fill of that), I like Baggy Trousers and the real good old days, with fights and petty rivalries – and a kind of social cohesion that was purged from my world some decades or so ago and will probably never be seen again in this country. It’s a bloody, stinking mess, is what it is.

But not in my ‘ouse.

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I like this tune. Sounds a bit like Toto. I used to like Toto – still do, really. And the video reminds me a bit of my bedroom circa 1983, complete with Speak&Spell and dodgy black and white portable TV.


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